A five year old boy won’t stop sucking his thumb…

His mother has tried everything: gloves on his hands, bad-tasting glaze on his fingernails, rewards charts, etc., but somehow or another her son would always end up with his thumb back in his mouth.

Finally, after many exasperating months, the mother bursts out with, “Listen, son: Every time you suck that thumb, you’re making your tummy fill with air, okay? It’s going to get fatter and fatter until one day…boom, you’ll pop! Do you want that?”

The kid goes wide-eyed and shakes his head. “No, Mommy.”

“Do you understand now?”

“Yes, Mommy.”

This seemed to finally do the trick. After three thumbsucking-free days, the mom decides to reward her kid with ice cream. As the two of them sit on a park bench later that day enjoying their cones, a heavily pregnant woman stops to rest on the bench right across from them.

The little boy’s mouth drops open as he catches sight of her. Before his mother can say anything, he slips off the bench and approaches the pregnant woman.

The pregnant woman smiles at the boy as he nears her. “Hello, little boy.”

“Hi,” he says. He motions to her bulging stomach. “May I please touch it?”

“Sure,” she responds graciously.

He pats her stomach in wonder and then gives her a sly, knowing smile.

“Well I know what you’ve been doing!” he says.

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