A fisherman walks into /r/jokes…

A fisherman walks into /r/jokes where he meets a bartender. The bartender offers him a drink. The fisherman says he does not have money to pay, so instead he offers a trade– if he can get the bartender to laugh at his joke, then the bartender should provide a drink for free. The bartender, a smug, old pirate of a man accepts. After all, he is a moderator of /r/jokes, so he has become very accustomed to not laughing.

The fisherman begins his tale. “Years ago, I set out on a whaling expedition, when a fellow sailor told me about the mystical golden fishing rod.”

“Let me stop you right there” says the bartender. I can see where this is going. Golden rod. This is a sex joke. I’ve heard it before.”

“No. It’s not a sex joke” says the fisherman.

The bartender, fascinated, realizes that this may actually be OC.

The fisherman continues his tale. “There once was a mystical golden fishing rod that was said to be so powerful that anyone using it could catch any fish.”

“Wait a minute” says the bartender. “I think you’re in the wrong place. This sounds like the tale of Darth Plagueis. You want /r/prequelmemes down the street”.

“No. It’s not a prequel meme” says the fisherman.

The fisherman continues his tale. “One day, a little boy found the rod and used it to catch a lion fish. Neptune, god of the sea appeared. He was furious because the lion fish was his best friend. In retaliation, Neptune broke the rod into pieces, separating the rod and the reel. The little boy said ‘Now I am sad’.

“Oh, come on!” said the bartender. “Hey, Sad. I’m neptune! You want /r/dadjokes. Don’t waste my time”.

“No. It’s not a dadjoke” says the fisherman.

The fisherman continues his tale. “The boy took the pieces home, but they never worked again. Eventually, the rod was sold at a flea market, and the reel became the subject of many jokes.”

The fisherman then asks “So, what did you think?”

The bartender, confused, looks up. “What? That’s it?”

The fisherman nods.

The bartender, now, is very confused. It’s OC, sure, but it doesn’t make any sense.

He scratches his head and asks a question “What do you mean about the reel becoming the subject of many jokes?”

The fisherman says “I can’t answer that here”.

The bartender asks “Why not?”

The fisherman replies “The reel joke is always in the comments”

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