A father and his son

A father and his son were working in the yard one day and the son grabs a chicken wire and starts to leave. His dad stops him and asks, “Where are you going with that chicken wire?”

The son replied, “I’m gonna catch some chickens.”

The father said, “That’s not how that works.”

But the some left anyways and came back a couple hours later with a chicken under each arm. He then grabs a hog wire and starts to leave but his dad stops him and says,”Where are you going with that?”

The son replies, “I’m gonna catch a hog.”

The dad says, “Alright.” And the son leaves.

A few hours later the son comes bag with a hog. The son then grabs a couple of pussy bows and starts to leave, but his dad stops him and says, “Hold on, I’m coming with you!”

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