A farmer was working out in the field with his three daughters one day when he saw a car approach

A strapping young man stepped out of the car and approached the farmer confidently.

‘Hello sir. My name’s Dean, and I’m here to take Jean to the dairy Queen’

The farmer respects the lads courteous approach and says, ‘Alright Jean off you go, you kids enjoy yourselves’. Not five minutes later, another car pulls up and another dashing young man steps out and walks confidently over to the farmer

‘Hello sir. My name’s Joe, and I’m here to take Flo to the show’

‘Geez, alright Flo, go have a good time at the show’, says the farmer.

Finally, a third car pulls up and a third young man comes sauntering over to the farmer.

‘Hello sir. My name’s Chuck’. So the farmer shot him.

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