A farmer travels to the nearest town to see the doctor.

The doctor diagnoses the farmer and hands him a jar of pills, explaining, “these are suppositories, take one a day for a month.”

The farmer thanks the doctor, adding, “Doc, I’m not an educated man. What is a sup-pos-it-ory?”

The doctor humbly answers, “they’re just like any pill, except you take them rectally.”

“Oh, I see,” the farmer ponders, “but I’ve gotta wreck what now?”

Maintaining professionalism, the doctor clarifies, “you insert them in your anus.”

Still confused, the man asks, “my ayy-nu—,” letting a little frustration show, the doctor interjects with, “just put them in your backside.”

Determined to get everything right, the farmer replies, “Doc, I think there’s a misunderstanding, it’s not my back that hurts.”

Overcome by frustration, the doctor yells at the farmer, “TAKE THE PILLS AND SHOVE THEM UP YOUR ASS!!”

The farmer sheepishly replies, “I’m sorry I’ve upset you, Doc. I’ll just ask someone else.”

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