A farmer is selling produce when a woman walks up to him and asks for some onions.

“Sorry, but we don’t have onions here. How about some broccoli or peas?” he suggests.

The woman thinks about it for a moment, then says, “nah, do you have some onions instead?”

The farmer, slightly pissed off, says,”I already told you. We don’t carry onions. What about some eggplants or mushrooms?”

Again, she thinks for a moment, then says: “nah, I’d just like some onions.”

The farmer is now very angry. “Let’s play a game,” he says. “How do you spell ‘carrot’ without ‘c’?”

The woman says, “Arrot.”

“Good, and how do you spell ‘lettuce’ without ‘l’?”


“Now how do you spell ‘onions’ without ‘fuck’?”

The woman is confused. “But there is no ‘fuck’ in onions?”


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