A Farmer gets a Letter from his Neighbors

A humble farmer goes out to his mailbox, seeing that a letter has arrived.

“Dear Ronald J. Kse,

This year we have chosen you to be the host of this year’s harvest reap! All you need to do is provide your humble farm as the place of the party, and we will all provide.

Thanks, your neighbors”

Now, Ronald had really enjoyed last year’s party, so he was delighted to be the host for this year.

After a grand day of eating, drinking, and merrymaking, All of Ronald’s neighbors left – without helping clean up.

“That’s fine, its just one party, and I’ve done the same other years” said Ron.

Fast forward the next year, Ron was looking forward to this year’s harvest, and the celebration that would follow.

After attending this year’s anonymous vote, he gets another letter in the mail.

“Dear Mr. Kse,
After the amazing time everyone had last year, the vote was decided again for you to be the host! We look forward to seeing you again, and thank you.”

Ron sighs, but thinks “Yeah, last year’s party was pretty great. I guess the cleanup wasn’t too bad. No worries.”

Again, he gathered with his neighbors, and they feasted and drank themselves silly… but there were twice as many people this year. Friends, family, friends of family were all invited…

The cleanup was far worse this year. “But,” Ron thought, “there’s no way I’ll get it three years in a row.”

Next year, Ron’s sister was visiting, and went with him to check the mail. She handed him a very lavish envelope, garnished with golden filigree and laden with caligraphy.

She exclaimed “Wow! This is beautiful! It must be something very wonderful and important!”

“No… I’ve seen this before… It’s another fucking reap host…” said R. Joe Kse

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