A dying man wants to prevent his family from inheriting his wealth. So he entrusts the money to his three closest friends: a doctor, a priest, and a lawyer.

He gives each friend an envelope with $1,000,000 in cash, and makes them all swear to bury the money with him when he dies. They all shake hands and solemnly agree.

A few months later the man dies, and the three friends place their envelopes in the casket.

Later, privately, the doctor tells the others: “Gentlemen, I confess that my envelope did not have the full million dollars in it. Last winter the hospital badly needed a new dialysis machine. It cost $50,000. I feel that Bob would have approved, as it will save countless lives.”

Then the priest says: “I too have a confession. My envelope also did not have the full million dollars in it. The church orphanage badly needed repairs, which cost $60,000. We are naming a new wing in Bob’s honor, and I am sure he would have approved.”

Then the lawyer speaks up: “Gentlemen! I am ashamed of you. This was Bob’s dying wish! And you could not obey it? I assure you that MY envelope contained a CHECK for the FULL million dollars!”

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