A duck walks into a library…

A duck walks into a library and stands in front of an understandably puzzled librarian. It quacks once. In a moment of inspiration, the librarian decided that the bird wishes to borrow a book so she places an appropriate volume under one of its wings. The duck waddles out. The next day the duck returns and quacks twice at the librarian who gives it two books, one under each wing. The third day, the duck quacks thrice and the librarian gives it three books, one under each wing and one in its beak. The duck waddles. By this time, the librarian is becoming very curious about what the duck is doing with her library’s stock so when the duck returns the next day and quacks four times, she gives it three books as before and follows carrying the fourth book. The bird waddles down the road and turns off into a wood. In a clearing there is a pond with all the library books strewn around the perimeter. On a lily pad in the middle of the pond sits a large bullfrog. The duck carefully sheds two of the tomes it is carrying and swims out with the third to the bullfrog who gives it a quick disdainful look.

“REDDIT”, he croaks.

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