A dog is being interviewed to join MI6

The agent in charge of the process is irritated by this, but he is relieved that the agency provides a set of guidelines that dictates whether or not a candidate passes. So the agent takes the dog for the first test.

“Your first task is to type at 60 words a minute.”

To the agents surprise, the dog manages to type at 80 words a minute and gives the agen a big smile. Slightly irritated, the agent shrugs it off.

“Your next task is to complete the obstacle course in under three minutes.”

The dog manages to complete the obstacle course in 1 and a half Minutes and gives the agent a big smile. The agent, now quite irritated, looks at the next task. What he sees there makes him smile. He turns to the dog.

“The final test is that you must be bilingual,” he says with a smirk.

The dog looks up at him with a big smile, opens his mouth, and says “miaow”.

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