A dog decides to visit the Safari in Africa

One day he gets lost. And while he’s walking in the Safari, he suddenly sees a tiger running toward him.

The dog panics, and while he was thinking how to escape, he saw bones on the ground. He grabbed them in his mouth, and as the tiger approached, the dog said aloud, “It was a really tasty tiger, I wonder if there are others in this area”.

The tiger heard the dog, stopped, looked at the dog and thought to himself, “It was close, this dog almost ate me.” He turned back and crawled away.

The monkey on the tree above saw it all, and thought that it is a good opportunity for him to have good relations with the tiger. He went after the tiger and told him that the dog had made fun of him.

The tiger got angry and said to the monkey, “Sit on my back, I’m going to way the dog now!”

The dog, not yet able to calm down, saw the tiger running toward him again with the monkey on his back.

Instead of escaping, a second before the tiger reached him, the dog said loudly, “Where’s this annoying monkey? Half an hour ago I asked him to bring another tiger …”

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