A depressed man walks into a bar…

A depressed man walks into a bar. Not just any bar though, this bar is located on the 112th floor of a skyscraper. The depressed man, dragging his head, sits down and with a slight sob in his voice asks the bar tender for his cheapest whiskey. A tall, somewhat nerdy looking gentleman sitting nearby notices the depressed man, “Hey buddy, what’s bothering you?”. The depressed man looks deep into his glass shaking slightly, “My wife left me for my best friend… she took everything, the house, my kids, my money, even my dog. I have nothing left”. The gentleman smirks, “Well hey, it’s never too late to turn things around”. The depressed man turns with empty bloodshot eyes, in a harsh tone, “What do you know of it, pretty boy?! It’s easy to say that shit when you’re so well off!” The gentleman slaps his knee, “Hah! Just three months ago I was right where you’re sitting! There is a secret in this bar though… one that can change everything!” Skeptical, the depressed man scoffed, “Yeah, right. Sure…” The gentleman stands up sharply and gestures to a window behind him, “This here is a magical window. If you leap from it and make a wish on the way down, you will instantly pop back into this room and your wish will be granted!” The depressed man drinks from his cheap whiskey and pretends to ignore the clearly insane ramblings. Grinning, the gentleman walks to the window and opens it, “Don’t believe me? Fine, I’ll prove it to you.” The gentleman begins to step out of the window… In a state of shock, the depressed man stumbles to try and pull the lunatic from the open window, but he is too late! In a thundering clap, the entire bar shakes as a gust of wind rips through, clashing glasses and knocking over stools. To the depressed man’s disbelief, the gentleman was back in the room standing near the pool tables! In awe, the depressed man stutters, “H…how… wh… what did you wish for?!. With proud look the gentleman announced, “I wished for superhuman strength!” As he spoke, he grasped the side of the nearby pool table and lifted it high into the air with a single hand! The depressed man still in shock looked back at the magic window, “S… so all I need to do is c… climb out that window and make a wish??” The gentleman nodded. Moving towards the window the depressed man was scared, but for the first time in months he was gripped by another emotion – hope. He looks out the window down 112 stories to the busy steers below. The people down below looked like ants trapped in a maze. The man hesitated and looked back. With one last nod from the gentleman, he let go of the windowsill. After several moments the hard packing sound mixed with shattered glass and the screams of women rang out through the air. The bartender, while cleaning the whiskey glass, says in a disapproving tone, “That was fucked up, Superman.”

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