A deaf guy steals from the mob

They come to his house and slam him against the wall.

“the boss wants to know where the missing $5 million is”.

His friend lets the goons know he’s deaf and only understands sign language, so they tell the friend to ask him where the missing money is.

The friend speaks in sign language “they want to know where the missing $5 million is” the guy in sign language says “$5 million, I don know anything about $ 5 million”.

The friend tells the goons he doesn’t know anything, so the goons take out a gun, put it to the deaf guys head and say to the friend “yeah, well ask him again and this time tell him if he doesn’t know about the missing $5 million, we’re going to blow his fucking brains out”.

The friend in sign language says “hey, these guys are serious, if you don’t know where the money is, they’re going to blow your brains out” the deaf guy in sign language says “shit, well in that case, I’ve buried the money under the big oak tree at my mothers house”.

The goons look at the friend and say “what’s he got to say now?”, the friend looks at them and says “he says you don’t got the balls to pull the trigger!”

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