A dead guy was brought into a mortuary wearing a very nice black suit. “I’m assuming you’d like him buried in this suit?” the mortician asked the widow.

“No,” said the widow. “This is what he was wearing when he died of a heart attack at church. But I would like him buried in a very nice blue suit. Whatever the cost, please make this happen.”

When she went to the viewing a few days later, and her deceased husband was wearing a one of the nicest blue suits she had ever seen. “He looks great!” exclaimed the widow. “How much extra do I owe you for the suit?”

“There will ne no extra charge,” said the mortician.

“Why on earth not? Certainly this suit must have been very expensive and hard to find.” the widow said.

“It was really no trouble at all” the mortician explained. “Shortly after your husband came in, another deceased gentleman about his size was brought in wearing an extravagant blue suit. I asked his widow if she would mind if he was buried in a black suit and she said it made no difference to her.”

“I see, so you switched their outfits?” asked the widow.

“Didn’t even have to do that,” said the mortician. “Just switched the heads.”

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