A dairy farmer walks in to his feed store and asks the clerk, “Has your product recently changed?”

“Same formula for two decades now” replies the clerk. “Why do you ask? Your cattle not eating?”

“No, it’s not that. It’s just that their flatulence has become unbearable. It used to not bother me, but it’s got to the point that I can’t even be in the barn without wearing a respirator.”

“That’s strange. Farmer Brown had the same problem with his cows a few years ago.”

“You don’t happen to remember what he did about it, do you? I’m desperate here” the farmer asked.

“I do in fact” the clerk responded, “he mixed 4.5 ounces of turpentine into every gallon of water he gave them.”

“Thanks. I’ll give it a try.”

Five days later, the farmer comes storming back into the feed store shouting, “I did what you said and my cows are all dead!”

“Now that is strange” the clerk replies”

“And why exactly is that strange?” the farmer demanded to know.

“Because the exact same thing happened with Farmer Brown’s cattle.”

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