A Curious Child

It’s the night before Thanksgiving and a mom and dad are fighting in the living room. The child comes in, curious about all the yelling.

“You’re an Asshole!” yells the mom.

“Mom, whats an asshole?” asks the child.

“Men are.” answers the mom.

“Well, you’re a bitch!” replies the dad.

“Dad, what’s a bitch?” asks the child.

“Women are.” answers the dad.

The mom and dad eventually make up and everyone goes to sleep. The next day, the little family are expecting guests for Thanksgiving dinner, and are getting ready. The child goes into the bathroom where the mom is shaving her legs, she accidentally cuts herself.

“Shit!” she exclaims.

“Mom, what’s shit?” asks the child.

“Shaving” answers the mom.

The child then wanders down to the kitchen where the dad is cutting the turkey, he accidentally cuts himself.

“Fuck!” he shouts.

“Dad, whats fuck?” asks the child.

“Cutting this turkey.” answers the dad.

The doorbell then rings and the dad tells the child to go and let the guests in. So the child goes to the door, opens it, and says…

“Hello Bitches and Assholes, my moms in the bathroom shitting, and my dads in the kitchen fucking a turkey!”

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