A cowboy walks into a saloon.

He sits down at the bar and orders a whiskey. He chugs it down and says “TGIF!”. A Mexican walks in, shakes his head, and says “SPIT!”. A few minutes go by and the cowboy has downed his third whiskey. He stands up and declares, “TGIF!”. The Mexican looks at the cowboy with a puzzled look, “SPIT” he says. The cowboys becomes angry and begins to chant “TGIF” over and over. The Mexican follows suit and chants “SPIT”. The bartender then gets fed up with the ruckus and hushes the cowboy and Mexican. He looks at the Mexican and says, “Do you know what TGIF is?”. The Mexican replies with, “Of course I do, Thank God it’s Friday!”. The bartender is completely confused and asks, “What the hell is SPIT?”. “Stupid Pendejo its Thursday”, the Mexican says.

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