A cowboy walks into a bar. “What can I get for you?” the bartender asks. “A double whiskey, neat,” he replies.

As the bartender pours, she asks, “How’s it going today?”

“I have a problem with my horses,” the cowboy admits. “I want to train one of them to be a racehorse and the other to be a workhorse, but they look so similar I can’t tell them apart!”

The bartender thinks it over for a minute and says, “How about you cut off one of their manes?”

“That’s actually a great idea,” the cowboy says.

One month later, the cowboy returns to the bar, looking depressed again. The bartender asks, “How are your horses?”

“The mane trick worked great at first, but then the hair grew back, and I can’t tell them apart!”

She suggests, “Can you shave the hair off one of their tails?”

“That just might work…” the cowboy replies.

Another month passes. The cowboy returns, distraught. “Their tails and manes are the same length again!” he complains.

Exasperated, the bartender asks, “Can’t you just measure their height or something?”

A week later, the cowboy runs in joyously and hugs the surprised bartender. “What’s going on?” the bartender asks.

“It worked! The white horse is three inches taller than the black horse!”

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