A couple go to the hospital because the wife is extremely pregnant.

A couple go to the hospital because the wife is heavily pregnant. The consultant tells them , “ We have this revolutionary new treatment, we give this special injection to the mother and all the birth pain transfers from the mother to the father.Would you like to try it?”

They discuss it and the husband being a gentleman says “ Of course I would be only too happy to to take the pain for my wife. “

The day of birth comes and the wife is in the labour ward. The doctor says “ Labour pain is very bad, I’ll give half and see how you are”

The wife goes into labour and right enough she has no pain. The doctor asks the man how is. “Absolutely fine, give her the rest.” So they do and the wife had her baby with no problems and the man is fine also.

Next day they drive home with the new baby. As they are driving the man says, “ so all that talk about women in pure agony when they’re giving birth is just made up nonsense. I didn’t feel a thing.”

they turn into the driveway and find the milkman dead on their doorstep.

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