A cop is sitting by the highway in his patrol car.

Suddenly, a Mercedes goes screaming past at twenty over the speed limit. The officer turns on the sirens and races after the speeder.

When its driver sees the police cruiser, the Mercedes pulls over without incident. The officer goes up to its window, expecting to find a rich kid out for a joyride. He’s surprised to find that the driver is a doddering old woman who can barely see over the steering wheel.

“Do you know how fast you were going?” asks the officer.

The old lady gives him a sweet smile. “Officer, I was just going the speed limit. I never went even a smidgen over eighty-four.”

The police officer scratches his head. “Eighty-four? The speed limit here is sixty!”

“Oh, but those lovely signs all up and down the interstate say we should be going 84! But no one else seems to follow them…”

The cop sighs. “Ma’am, that’s the interstate number. You’re on I-84, the speed limit’s on a different sign.”

The officer tells the old lady that she’s free to go, but as he’s turning back to his car he sees two other old women in the backseat. They look shellshocked, one gripping her armrest for dear life, and the other vacantly staring into the distance.

“Are your passengers all right?” asks the officer.

“Oh, don’t worry about them.” says the old lady. “They’ll be fine- we just got off the 205.”

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