A cook during medieval times is ordered to prepare a feast for the king…

Knowing this was a feast for the king, the cook prepared everything diligently and carefully. At the day of the feast, the king and his guests arrive and begin to eat. They are in love with the food from the lamb to the roast duck to even the soups. The king recognized the cooks ability and made him a top chef of the kingdom. Many apprentices flocked across the world to be his student, but the cook never took any in. Until he came upon one apprentice he was very fond of. This man did everything precisely and worked hard and he finally decided to take him in as his apprentice. On the first day, the apprentice first asked, “what makes your food so tasty and amazing?” The cook merely replied, “A secret ingredient,” and said nothing more. After a month of serving many delicious dishes with the cook, the apprentice claims, “It’s been almost a month now and you have never let me prepare the final part of the dishes we make; what is the secret that makes ur food so good?” The cook merely replies, “A secret ingredient,” and he never brings up the subject for a while. A year has now passed and the apprentice asks again,” we have served the kingdom with food and yet you have never told me what the final preparation is nor have you showed it to me; what is it?” The cook merely replies, “A secret ingredient,” and the young man gives up. Many decades pass and the cook is now old and ready to die. The apprentice, on his side the whole time, is on his deathbed with the cook. Then with his frail hands, the cook manages to get out a tiny box, open it, and whispers, “It’s thyme my friend.”

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