A company needs to hire an executive but they don’t know what field they need

So they line up interviews with an engineer, a lawyer and an accountant. The first to be interviewed is the engineer. The interviewer points to a white board with “1 + 1” written on it and says “What does this equal?”

The engineer looks at the equation and says “Two. There is no other answer, that’s just an objective fact.”

They send him on his way and bring in the lawyer, and they ask her the same question.”It depends,” says the lawyer. “The answer could be two, but it you interpret it in a different way, it could be eleven. That is, assuming those are digits and not letters, because they could be i’s and not ones.”

They send her on her way and bring in the accountant, and they ask him the same question. He looks around the room, gets up and closes the door. Then he sits back down at the table, folds his hands and looks them in the eye.

“What do you want it to equal?”

He got the job.

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