A chicken walks into a library

The librarian asks what it wants. It says ‘book, book, book’ so the librarian gives it some books and the chicken walks out.

An hour later, the chicken returns and says ‘book, book, book’ and the librarian, though confused with why the chicken returned so soon, lent it more books.

Another hour passes, and the same chicken comes with the same request; ‘book, book, book’. This time, the librarian gives it more books, but decides to follow it to see what it’s doing with them.

After following behind the chicken for a while, they begin to walk through a swamp. The librarian, suddenly apprehensive, decides maybe this wasn’t a good idea. Just before she turns around, she sees that the chicken has stopped.

As she gets a bit closer, the librarian sees a lily pad, with a small frog sat on top. The chicken passes the books to the frog, and it replies ‘reddit, reddit, reddit’

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