A Chemist, an Engineer, an Electrician and an IT guy get stranded on the side of the road after their car break down…

It’s the dead of winter and the wind chill is below freezing. One of them gets off the phone with the towing company, “they said it’s going to be at least two hours.” They all stay in the car.

After a few minutes the Chemist tells the other three, “I’m pretty sure I know what happened… the engine oil probably hadn’t been changed in a long time, became oxidized and contaminated, lost its ability to lubricate therefore completely seizing the pistons to the cylinder walls of the engine. It’ll have to be replaced.”

The Engineer tells the others “I’m fairly certain the planetary gear set or valve body inside the transmission failed, likely due to a poor design. These cars aren’t exactly the greatest and it’s a known issue, that’s why it broke down. The transmission will have to be replaced.”

The Electrician says “you guys are overreacting, it’s probably just a blown fuse or relay that burned out causing the car to shut off. We can check the integrity of the fuse box, make sure there’s no excessive resistance or a short to ground that caused it to blow in the first place. I have my multimeter in the trunk. We can just swap it out and we’ll be on our way.”

The IT guy looks around and says “What if, uh… what if we just get out of the car and then get back in again?”

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