A Catholic Priest, a Buddhist Monk, and an atheist walk into a bar.

After they put in their orders, the three strike up a conversation about what they believe awaits them in the afterlife.

The priest says, “I try to live my life according to God’s word, so that I may go to the good Lord in heaven and live in paradise for all of eternity. I do not curse, I forgive freely, and I pray continually However, I know I am a sinner at heart, and I deserve to burn in hell like the rest of us.”

The atheist replies, “Don’t worry, that’s probably bullshit. There is nothing waiting for us after death, only the void and nothingness. That’s why I try to live my life to the fullest.”

The two of them ask the monk, who had been silent up to that point, what he believed. The monk started, “Well, I certainly won’t be seeing the afterlife anytime soon. I have lived a bad life, however, I am trying to earn enough good karma to reincarnate into a better life. If I earn enough good karma, then maybe I can eventually go to the afterlife.”

“Well how are you supposed to do that?” asked the atheist.

Just then, the group is interrupted by the waitress with their meals. For the priest, there is a meal of bread and wine. For the atheist, a hearty plate of ribs sits in front of him. For the monk, there is nothing but a slice of cake on his plate.

In response to two puzzled looks, the monk quickly says, “There’s no easier way to earn karma than to have a cake day.”

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