A Catholic priest, a Baptist minister and a rabbi are camping together

Around the campfire they each claim to be the best at winning converts to their respective faiths. To settle the friendly dispute they decide to seek out a bear and try to convert it. The next day they fan out in different directions into the woods, planning to meet back at the campsite in twelve hours.

That night they gather around the fire again. “Well,” said the Baptist, “how did you do?”

“After a few hours I came upon a bear foraging for berries,” the priest said. “I read to him from our Catechism and we talked about theology, and I’m happy to report I signed him up to start our conversion education.”

“Good,” the Baptist said. “I found a black bear in a creek. I laid out God’s plan for salvation for him. He prayed the sinner’s prayer and I baptized him right there in that creek!”

They then both turned the rabbi, who they now noticed had scratches on his face, torn clothes and blood across his belly. He took a long, deep breath and said: “If I could do it over again, I would not start with circumcision.”

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