A Canadian, American, and Japanese guy get stranded on an island

The American guy says: “We really need to find some supplies for our survival.”

The Japanese guy turns to him and says: “I’ll get working on the supplies, you guys try to create a signal in case help arrives near the island”, and with that the Japanese guy turns and runs into the forest on the island.

The American and Canadian guys spend upwards of 4 hours trying to get a working signal for passing ships. Its nearing the evening.

“Wow!” says the Canadian guy. “Kojima has really been gone for 4 hours and its almost night time, how long does it take to find supplies?”

“I don’t know, but it could be dangerous at night. I suppose we should go look for him.” says the American.

With that they walk into the forest, the sky almost pitch black.

After 30 minutes of searching, they hear a noise in the trees. They look up, and see the Japanese guy leaping from the trees, almost giving the Canadian a heart attack.

“SUPPLIES!” says the Japanese guy.

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