A C-130 is being escorted by two F-16s.

Tired from following the slow-moving plane, one of the F-16 pilots tells his partner, “Hey watch what I can do.” With that, he leaves the C-130’s side and performs a series of barrel rolls.

“That’s nothing” says the second F-16 pilot and he also leaves his spot and does even more spectacular tricks. The two F-16s continue showing off. When they finally fall back into place the C-130 pilot comes on the mike.

“I bet I can do something you can’t” he says.

“Yeah, right, prove it” says one of the F-16 pilots.

“Watch this,” says the C-130 pilot and continues flying in a straight line. After a few minutes, the F-16 pilot comes back on the mic and says

“We didn’t see anything, you liar”

“You’re the liar” the C-130 pilot says, “I went to the bathroom for a smoke break and a dump”

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