A British man, a Japanese man and an American man are kidnapped by cannibals…

The chief says to them: “First, you die. Then, we eat you. Then we make your skin into canoe. But you may choose how you die.”

The British man says: “Gun.”

The cannibals give him a gun that they took from a previous captive. The british man shouts “GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!” and shoots himself.

The Japanese man says: “Sword.”

The canibals give him a sword that they stole from a neighboring tribe, and the Japanese man stabs himself, screaming something in Japanese that I can’t remember.

Finally, the American man says: “Fork.”

The canibals are a little confused, but they give him a fork anyway. The American then starts stabbing himself all over his body with the fork.

When the chief asks why he is doing this, the American screams:


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