A boy walks into an ice cream parlor….

The kid strolls up the counter, and the employee asks the lad….

“What flavor would you like?”

He looks over the list of flavors, and after a brief moment he says…


With a sad face, the employee looks down to the boy and says… “I’m sorry, we’re all out lf chocolate.” The boy seems unfazed by this, and looks at the flavors again, taking even longer, then he says… “I’ll have chocolate!” The employee raises an eyebrow and says “I told you, we’re all out of Chocolate.” The child looks kver the list again, and declares “Chocolate.” To which the employee responds, “We’re out of Chocolate.”

They go through this about five more times, until the employee speaks up. “Say, you’re a smart lad, can you spell the ‘Straw’ in Strawberry?” He spells it out.

“Very good! Now, can you spell the ‘Van’ in vanilla?” He spells it out.

“Now, can you spell the ‘Fuck’ in chocolate?”

The child looks confused, and after taking a moment to think states… “There is no ‘Fuck’ in chocolate.”

The employee says “That’s right. There’s no fuckin’ chocolate.”

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