A boy holding duct tape walks by an old man on a bench

The old man says, “what’re you doing with that duct tape?” The boy replies saying, “I’m going to go catch some ducks.” The old man says, “you can’t catch ducks with duct tape.” Sure enough, the boys comes back later holding a bunch of ducks wrapped in duct tape.

The next day the boy passes the old man holding chicken wire. The old man asks what he has chicken wire for and the boy says he’s going to catch some chickens. The old man tells him that he can’t, and 4 hours later the boy comes back with a bunch of chickens wrapped in chicken wire.

The day after, the kid comes by with a plant in a pot. The old man asks, “what’s that you got there?” The boy replies saying, “it’s a pussy willow.” The old man then says, “wait right there imma get my hat I’m coming with you.”

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