A boy and his father were walking down the streets of New York..

The boy passed a fancy jewelry store and saw an expensive watch that he wanted to buy. “Can I have this dad?” “Sorry, we can’t afford that right now,” the dad replied, and they walked away from the store. That night, the father thought about how he hadn’t been able to provide for his family, and decided to end his struggles once and for all. He signed up for a controversial new game show where the contestant sits in a chair for an hour, then at midnight he is either shocked to death or showered with a million dollars. Several people had put their lives on the line before, and millions watched as some contestants became rich and others were killed. The boy’s father felt that he had no other choice, and at 11pm he sat down in the chair and the camera started rolling. Whenever the show aired the whole world watched, so naturally the young boy was sitting in front of the tv when it started. As soon as he saw his dad sitting in the chair, he ran out the door to the filming studio in New York City. After about an hour of running, he burst through the doors of the studio and ran up to his dad. Not knowing how much time his dad had left before midnight, the boy frantically yelled to him “What time is it?!” His dad looked up at him as a bell rang and millions of dollars rained down from above. He picked up his son and smiled at him. “Time for you to get a watch.”

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