A blonde woman gets on a plane to Detroit and heads for a seat in first class, despite having an economy ticket…

A short while into the flight an air hostess notices she’s in the wrong section of the plane and asks her to return to her allocated seat. The blond simply replied “no”. Shocked and confused, the hostess insisted once more that she move, but the blond refused again.

The hostess leaves to go get help from other attendants. Multiple women try their luck at explaining to the blond that she’s in the wrong seat, but none prevail.

Eventually, they seek the help of the Captain.

“She’s blonde, you say?” queried the Captain.

The hostess’ nod.

“Shouldn’t be an issue, my wife is blonde”

The Captain gets up and approaches the woman – the hostess’ watching from a distance. After a few seconds the blond quickly gathers her things and heads back to her seat. The Captain returns to the hostess’. Amazed, they ask how he did it.

“It’s simple, really” he said, “I just told her first class wasn’t flying to Detroit”

My mate told me this one when we were in 4th grade, I randomly just remembered it so I thought I’d share. It’s not laugh-out-loud funny, but I think it warrants a short exhale out the nose <3

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