A blonde is walking beside a railway track.

A brunette passes her on the tracks skipping and singing “21, 21, 21…” The blonde eagerly asks “May I join you?” The brunette nods, and says, “You may, but only if you can REALLY concentrate.” “I can do that!” exclaims the blonde happily. And so, they both proceed to skip along the middle of the track, singing “21, 21, 21…” After some time, the brunette hears the whistle of a coming train behind them. So, she steps off the track. However, the blonde is concentrating so deeply on the singing and skipping, she is oblivious to fhe danger behind her. She is struck by the train, and is killed instantly. Once the train has passed, the brunette steps back onto the track. She resumes skipping down the track, and begins to sing again. “22, 22, 22…”

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