A blonde is traveling with her friend down an old back road when she slams on her breaks to miss a rabbit.

They both get out of the car to see a dead rabbit laying in the middle of the road.

The friend turns to the blonde and says “omg, you just killed that poor rabbit, what are we going to do?”

The blonde returns to her car to retrieve a spray can, then back to her friend, that’s frantically crying about the rabbit. She sprays the rabbit up and down with the spray can. The rabbit miraculously gets up, runs 10 feet off the road and into a field. The rabbit turns to look back at the blonde and waves at her. The rabbit continues to run another 10 feet and again, turns back to wave at the blonde.

This continues for another 5 minutes before the the blondes friend turns and asks the blonde, “What is in that can? I can’t believe what I’m seeing!”

The blonde replies, “I don’t know but it says: Hair restorer with permanent wave!”

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