A blonde is tired of being teased, so she dies her hair brown and moves to the countryside…

A blonde is tired of being teased, so she dyes her hair brown and moves to the countryside. As she’s driving home one day she spots a farmer leaning on a fence chewing a piece of straw.

“Ha, I’m going to put one over on that dumb farmer!”, she says to herself, pulling over.

“Greetings, Miss, fine day” says the farmer

“Let’s make a bet!” Says the blond, pointing “If I can guess what breed your dog is, I get to keep him”

The farmer looks down, looks back at the brown haired blonde and says “go for it.”

“It’s a chihuahua!”

“Brilliant”, says the farmer, “she’s all yours”

As the blond is struggling and grunting and trying to lift her prize into the back of her Mini Cooper the farmer chuckles to himself.

The blonde, struggling, asks “Geez what have you been feeding this this?? It weighs a ton, instead of just standing there laughing could you give me a little help?”

“Could…”, says the farmer “but first let’s make a bet, if I guess wrong I’ll help you out, but if I can guess your natural hair color you gotta give back my pig”

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