A blonde got fed up with all the Blonde jokes……

So she cut her hair short and dyed it black. Bought a snazzy convertible and went driving through the countryside. On a back country road, she drove up to a large flock of sheep that were slowly crossing the road. As she sat there watching the flock she saw the farmer standing there. She said “Hey I’ll bet you, if I can guess how many sheep you have in this flock, how about you give me one? “Ok” he said, “give it a try.” She stood in the seat and surveyed the flock and said “You have 347 sheep!” The farmer was amazed as he had exactly 347 sheep. He told her to pick her one out, and picked a really cute one. As she was putting it into her car. The farmer said “Wait a minute, how about if I can guess what color your hair really is you give me my dog back?”

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