A Blonde decides she want to join the police…

She goes down to her local station & starts applies to join.

The Sergeant calls her over & says, ‘before you join, I need to ask you a few questions’

1st Question: ‘What’s 2+2?’

Blonde says: ‘that’s easy 4’

2nd qstn: ‘What the square root of 100?’

Blonde: ‘it’s 10’

Final Qstn: ‘Who killed Abraham Lincoln?’

Blonde Thinks about it & says: ‘I don’t know who killed him’

Srgt says: ‘That’s fine, just go home & think about it’

Blonde heads back home & picks up some books from her local library on the way back.

Her friend rings her the next day & says: ‘How’d you go trying to join the police?’

Blonde says: ‘It went really well, I’m already working on my first murder case…’

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