A blonde, brunette, and redhead are all running from these police officers.

They find a shack that has 3 potato sacks in it and decide to hide there in the sacks. The police officers find the shack and see the sacks.

They kick the first one with the brunette in it. She says “Meow, meow!”. So they think it’s a cat in there.

They move on and kick the second one with the redhead in it. She says “Ruff, ruff!, and they think it’s a dog in it.

So they kick the last one with the blonde in it and she says “Potato, potato!”

After that, they escaped Into the jungle. And each one runs up a tree. The police officers are hot on their tail, and they unleash the dogs. The dogs run up to the Brunette’s tree, and start barking. Thinking quickly, the brunette says “Hissss hissss”.

“Stupid dogs! It’s just a snake!”

On to the Redhead’s tree they go and the dogs bark even louder and more aggressively! Not wanting to be caught, the Red Head says “CAWWW, CAWWW”

“Stupid dogs! It’s just a bird!”

The police officers drag their dogs away until they start barking on the blonde’s tree, ravenously trying to climb it and savagely barking. The blonde thanks for a bit, and realizes she has to deter the dogs like the others did. So, the blonde says “Moooooooo”.

Obviously, the police catch all three of them on account of the blonde being so stupid. They are sentenced to death so, the police officers line them up against the wall, and pick up their rifles.

“All right you scum, any last words?”

The brunette screams “Look out for the tornado!”

The police officers quickly turn as the brunette runs away. They’re not happy, but they still have two of the criminals. “All right, any last words?”

The redhead points and screams “A flood!”

The police officers turn as the redhead runs away. As the police officers are turning back towards the blonde, she points and screams “Fire!”

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