A blonde and a lawyer on a long flight

A blonde is sitting next to a lawyer on a long flight. She wants to sleep, but the lawyer keeps waking her up. “Let’s have a quiz,” the lawyer suggests. “If I answer wrong, I’ll pay you fifty euros. If you answer wrong, you pay me five.”

The blonde agrees.

The lawyer goes first: “What’s the distance between Earth and the Moon?”

The blonde hands the lawyer a five euros. Now it’s her turn to ask: “What climbs a mountain with four legs and comes down with three?”

The lawyer is stumped. He tries to look for an answer on the internet and texts every scientist he knows, but can’t come up with an answer. After several hours, he wakes the blonde up, gives her fifty euros and asks “What’s the right answer?”

Without saying a word the blonde gives him a five euros and falls back to sleep.

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