A blonde 8 year old girl is walking home one day…

… when she finds a welders mask. She thinks to herself “awesome” and puts it on and continues on her walk. A few minutes later a middle aged dude pulls up alongside the little girl and says “Hey kid, nice mask, wanna lift?” The little girl doesn’t know any better and decides to take him up on his offer.

So the kid sits in the passenger seat playing with the mask. The guy turns to him and asks “hey… uh…. do you know what sodomy is?” and the kid says “no”. They drive for another bit, the kid continues to play with mask and the dude asks “hey do you know what a hand job is?” and the kid says “no”. So, again, they drive for another bit and finally the guy asks “hey, do you know what a blow job is?”. the kid sighs hard and turns to the guy and says “hey listen, I’m gonna level with you… I’m not a real welder.”

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