A Blind man is at the bus stop….

… and along comes a large family. Mother, Father, and 7 young children. As they’re waiting for the bus, it starts to rain, just making the wait worse.

When the bus arrives, being polite, the men let the mother and children get on first, at which point the bus driver says: “Sorry guys. The bus is full. You’ll have to wait for the next one.”, and drives off.

So the two men start walking, the blind man tapping his cane along the sidewalk as they make their way to their destination… tap, tap, tap, tap….

The Father, already peeved due to being soaked and having to walk, gets more and more annoyed with the tap, tap, tap, tap of the blind man’s cane, so he finally blurts out: “Oh Man! That sound is so annoying! Can’t you put something rubber on the tip so it doesn’t make that god-awful racket!?!?!”

To which, the blind man replies: “If you’d put something rubber on your tip, we wouldn’t be in this mess.”

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