A blind man goes to his local Subway everyday for lunch

One Monday, he went up to his subway and ordered his usual BLT. He enjoyed BLT’s, and they were easy to order since he couldn’t point at the ingredients he wanted due to his blindness. The worker gave the man his sub, and the man ate his sub only to find it tasted sweet and juicy. He went up to the worker and asked, “What the hell did you put in my sandwich? It tastes sweet!”

The worker replied, “It’s national fruit day! We’re celebrating by serving nectarines instead of tomatoes.”

The man then replied, “A tomato is a fucking fruit you fucking idiot! Do something else with your free time instead of browsing Twitter trends!”

The man stormed out of the Subway.

The next day, he came back to order the same BLT with hopes they wouldn’t screw it up. He ordered the sandwich, and they gave it too him. He took a bite from the sandwich and immediately spit it out. It tasted like fish. He went up to the worker and screamed, “Yesterday my sandwich was sweet and now it tastes like fish! What the shit did you put in there this time?”

The worker replied again, “Sorry sir. We ran out of bacon, so we decided to serve sardines instead. I thought you could use a bit of variety from the BLT you eat everyday, so I thought, ‘Why not?’”

The man screamed, “I just ordered a motherfucking BLT! Do you want to lose me as a customer?”

The man came back Wednesday to have another go. He ordered the BLT, but this time, it was crunchy. He decided to calm down a bit this time. He told the worker, “Okay. It’s not as bad as the last two days. But my sandwich today is crunchy. What happened?”

“Sir, I’m terribly sorry, but Subway just announced today that the whole lettuce supply in infected with E. Coli. We’ll have the lettuce back tomorrow, but for today, the BBQ place across the street offered to supply us with fried okra to serve as an alternative. Given your blindness, I didn’t want to go through the process of having to list all of our other options.”

The man couldn’t hold back his anger. “Are you a dumbass?” He screamed, “Just tell me you don’t have it!”

The man surprisingly tried again on Thursday. As he walked into the restaurant, he worker said to him, “Okay. We have all of the ingredients. I promise I’ll get the BLT right this time.”

The sandwich was served, but then the man’s hands were immediately soaked when he picked up the sandwich. “Hey, what’s the big idea?” He yelled.

“Well sir, we had a plumbing problem this morning, and all of our bread got soaked. We apologize. But hey! At least the ingredients were correct!”

The man pounded the counter and said, “Don’t you know how to run a fucking restaurant? You get one more chance tomorrow or I’m never stepping foot in this place again.”

The worker, at the point, was sick of being treated this way. After all, he was trying his best. He didn’t want the man there anyway. He didn’t care if he was blind, so he went to the store and got nectarines and sardines. He then went to the BBQ place and ordered a side of fried okra. Finally, he prepared a bucket of water to soak the blind man’s sandwich.

Today was the day. It was Friday, and the worker was ready to have his revenge. The man walked in, and the worker built the sandwich with nectarines, sardines, and fried okra and soaked it in water. The man bit into the sandwich, vomited, and screamed for the manager. The manager came out and yelled, “Okay. What’s going on? I’ve heard this screaming every day this week! I’ve had it!”

The blind man explained, “I just want a measly BLT sandwich, but this sub just keeps getting more NSFW by the day!”

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