A blind and a crippled man go to a bullfight

At the bullfight, the announcer says:

  • Let’s have a contest now. The brave man who dares to face the bull will receive $500.

When the cripple heard this, he said to his friend,

  • 500$! That’s a lot of money, shall we?

To which the blind responds:

  • Are you a fool? You being a cripple and I blind, we would not have any chance.

And then the cripple says:

  • No .. I have an idea. We’ll go, you stay behind me. As soon as the bull is coming, I’ll push you to one side, jump to the other, and we get the money!

The blind thinks this is a good idea and then decides to join him.

They go. As soon as the bull is approaching, the cripple realizes that being crippled, he will not have time to push his friend and also escape, so that he decides to abandon his friend and save himself.

The bull comes with all the force and beats against the blind throwing him 5 meters behind.

The blind man goes to the hospital and the cripple decides to visit him.

  • Here’s your $250, says the cripple

  • Thank you, but do not push me so hard the next time!

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