A Birthday Gift For My Dad

This conversation has to have come up before with these devices. I generally don’t have much wit, but my Dad pitched me such a lob, I couldn’t resist to nail him with the “obvious.”

I called my Dad to ask him if he might like a set of Tile Stickers. These are cool little devices you can stick to remotes, keys etc. to locate them with your phone.

After explaining to my 74 year old father how they work, I somewhat cheekily asked if he thought he could use a few of something like that, maybe for Christmas.

He didn’t have to think long before saying, “sure, yea I think I could definitely find a few uses for something like that.”

I was happy to hear it, and he proceeded to start his own granfatherly joke: “Hey, you know what the the first thing is I’m going to put one on?” “What’s that?” Stating, pleased with himself, “My head!”

… he chuckled a bit at himself but being handed an opportunity I couldn’t pass up…

“Well hey Dad, you know whats going to happen the first time you go looking for it, don’t you?” “What’s that?” “Your asshole is gonna start beeping!”

I haven’t heard my mom and dad laugh so hard in long time. Cheers to my folks who aren’t on reddit, but still have a great sense of humor.

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