A bear walks into a bar, the bartender freezes in shock.

The bear takes a seat at the counter while the bartender stares. The bear looks at him and says, “Hey pal, how ya doing? Can I get a Martini? House vodka, please.” Bewildered and in awe at a talking bear in his bar, the bartender finally spits out, “Uh, yeah. Yes, of course,” and starts making it. He brings the martini to him and sets it on the bar. The bear takes a sip of his drink and nods his head sideways expressing a small distaste for it. He puts a 20 down, “It’ll just be the one for me today.” The bartender takes the money, goes to the register and thinks to himself: This is a bear. There’s no way he’s been to other bars, I mean, he’s not a part of society! How could he know what a martini costs? I’ll bet he wouldn’t know the difference if I charge him extra. He hands the bear 2 dollars for change. The bear pockets it. “You know, we don’t get a lot of…bears…in here.” the bartender says, still staring. The bear finishes his drink and says, “Well, 18 dollars for a house martini, I would think not.”

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