A bear and a rabbit find a magic genie in the woods

He grants them three wishes a piece.

“I wish for a motorcycle.”

As the motorcycle appeared, the bear scoffed, “What a waste of a wish. I wish for all the bears in the forest to be female.”

The genie granted his wish and the rabbit made his second wish, “I wish for a helmet.”

As the rabbit’s helmet appeared the bear laughed. “You’re so stupid, I wish for all of the bears in the neighboring forests were female.” The genie granted the wish and then the bear made his last wish, “Now I wish that all the bears in all the forests in all of the world were female.”

The genie granted his last wish. Then the rabbit pulled on his helmet and revved up his motorcycle and before he tore off into the sunset he pointed at the bear and said, “I wish he was gay.”

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