A bear and a rabbit are arguing in the forest…

The genie is quite sick of hearing them so he decides to do something about it.

“Gentlemen!” He exclaims, popping up between them in a puff of sparkly blue smoke, “You are clearly not happy. So, to mitigate this, I shall grant each of you three wishes!”

“OH! OH! I shall go first!” The bear exclaims excitedly. The rabbit doesn’t seem to mind, so the genie turns to the bear. “Very well. And what shall your first wish be?”

“Ha ha… I want EVERY other bear in the WHOLE forest to be female! yeah, ha ha, every bear… whole forest!”

The genie snaps his fingers and it is done. “And what of you, rabbit? What shall your first wish be?”

“Tch, naaah, I just want a shiny blue riding helmet, small enough to fit my head nice and snug.”

The genie nods, and with a poof a riding helmet materializes on the rabbit’s head. “Now for your second wish, bear.”

“I WANT! I want…! EVERY OTHER bear in the WHOLE COUNTRY to be female! Ha ha ha ha!! All female! Ha ha ha!!”

The genie gives the bear a mildly confused frown, but makes it so. “And for your second wish, rabbit?”

“Eeeehh, I wish for a speedy scooter. Fast and perfect for my size.”

With nothing but a flick of his finger the rabbit now has a fast little scooter. “Alright, we arrive at your final wish, bear. Think about what it is you most de-…”

“HA HA HA HA!! I want EVERY OTHER BEAR, in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD, to be female!!. Yesss yeeesss! All female! all of them!! Oh oh ohhh this is gonna be so good!”

The genie rolls his eyes, but summons his powers and turns every other bear in the whole world female. “And what of your final wish, rabbit? What is it you most desire?”

“I WISH FOR THIS BEAR TO BE GAY!!!” And with a VRRROOOOOMMMM the rabbit disappears out of sight.

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