A 7 year old goes to a brothel…

and slaps a $10 dollar bill on the counter and says, “Give me a hooker!”

The madame, looked amused and says, “Get lost kid.”

The kid then slaps a $50 on the counter and says, “Give me a hooker!!”

The madame raises an eyebrow, but before she could say anything the kid slaps a $1,000 bill on table and says, “Give me a hooker with herpes!!!”

The madame, says, “What? Why would you want that?”

The kid says, “Because, I would screw her and get herpes, then I would go home and screw the baby sitter and she would get herpes. When my dad comes home, he’ll screw the baby sitter and he’ll get herpes. Eventually when my dad screws my mom she’ll get herpes and on Wednesday when the pool man comes over she’ll screw him and that’s the MOTHERFUCKER that killed my frog!!!

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