90 Cents (NSWF)

Disclaimer: NSFW. This joke was told to me originally in spanish, so I’ll do my best with the translation.

In a long lost and poor village, there’s a poor family who lives off the land they own. They grow their own food and have couple of animals arround, but overall it is not looking good for them.

Once day, a rich man goes to that village to see some land he was interested in, sees the man’s daughter and falls in love. The girl sees him as well, the man is mid 30s, blond, strong and she finds him beatiful and falls in love with him at first sight as well. It is not long before they get married and she goes to live with him in his huge house.

A year after this, the girl goes to visit her parents in her own helicopter and tells his dad about how he gives her everything she’s ever wanted and how many luxuries she has now, but she’s not happy. The father suggests she holds on to the marriage for another year and then make a decision.

Another year goes by, and the girl goes to visit her parents, now in her own private jet. She tells her about how she’s been able to visit the world, how many jewels she has now and the many things she’s been able to live, but she’s not happy. The father does not see how she can be unhappy with that life, so he suggests she holds on to the marrige for another year and then make a decision.

Another year goes by, and the girls goes again to visit her parents. She now goes in a much bigger plane, brings super cars for all the family members as gifts, she tells her parents how she was gifted her own island for her birthday and such. The father asks her daughter “my dear child, you have been given many things you never thought you would have, and have lived so much since you married that man. We’ve met him, and he seems to be a wise and good person. Why are you not happy?”. “Well father”, she replies “I will be honest with you. While he’s good and kind, and has only been a perfect husband to me, there is very specific thing he asks me during sex. He only likes anal. In the begining in tried it, but I did not fully enjoy it, but he’s ask so many times, that now my butthole went from being the size of a dime, to being the size of a dollar coin”.

The father thinks for a couple of minutes and then says “And you’re making all this fuss for just 90 cents?!”

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